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A stay at Kagetsu

When you visit Kagetsu ryokan, you will be warmly greeted by our Okami-san and bi-lingual staff and experience the personal warmth of Japanese service as a welcome member of our family of guests.
While relaxing at our ryokan you will be served delicious Japanese cuisine, prepared with fresh ingredients from the local community in Niigata.
In addition, Niigata is well known for its sake and we serve a variety of delicious sakes from local sake breweries.
Guests can enjoy our indoor/outdoor onsen all throughout the year.
Our deluxe rooms have in-room onsens to provide a relaxing hot bath and onsen experience in the privacy of your own room.
During the winter and ski seasons, guests have access to famous ski resorts all within a ten-to-twenty minute ride from Kagetsu ryokan.




The inn is approximately 90 min. from Tokyo Station and then a short 5-min. walk after getting off at Echigo Yuzawa Station.
Closest station: Echigo Yuzawa Station, JR Line
Closest IC: Yuzawa IC on the Kanetsu Expressway

 By Train

From Tokyo Station (90min)


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From Niigata Station (50min)


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From Kanazawa Staion (3hours)


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Voice of Our Guests & Prize-winning History

Recommended Accommodation Plans

Guest Room with Open-air Bath

Standard & Regular

Save Money by Reserving 60 Days in Advance

Guest Room with Open-air Bath / Premium Traditional Japanese Course Meal Plan

A meal plan with which you can enjoy to the fullest cuisine unique to Niigata, based on ingredients painstakingly selected by our chef.

One guest: 21,000 yen (tax exclusive)~

Plan Details & Reservations

Standard & Regular Traditional Japanese Course Meal Plans

This is part of Kagetsu’s Regular Accommodation Plan where you can relax leisurely in your Japanese-style guest room and enjoy a traditional Japanese course meal which gives you a real sense of the four seasons of Echigo and Uonuma

One guest: 16,000 yen (tax exclusive)~

Plan Details & Reservations
Plan DetailsReservations

Plan Where You Can Save Money by Reserving 60 Days in Advance

This is a money-saving plan which offers the same cuisine as when you reserve as usual. We recommend this if you are reserving at least 60 days in advance.

One guest: 14,000 yen (tax exclusive)~

Plan Details & Reservations